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FOB price range: US $7000 - 8600 / Ton Supply capacity: more than 5000t Starting quantitative: more than 1t Delivery time: 3-45 days Port Delivery: Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, Shenzhen

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Copper Busbar is suitable for electrical engineering such as high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch contacts, power distribution equipment, bus ducts, etc. It is also widely used in metal smelting, electroplating, chemical caustic soda and other super-current electrolytic smelting projects. Copper bars are very important key materials in the electrical industry. It is used as the main line for transmitting electric energy in electrical switchgear to carry current. Also used for equipotential bonding in grounded systems. It has the advantages of high mechanical strength, easy processing and forming, and high electrical conductivity. Its cost is lower than that of precious metals with higher conductivity such as gold and silver; its conductivity is higher than that of aluminum and steel.Therefore, the use of red copper products for electrical conduction can take into account the quality and cost of use, and is a very economical choice.

Product Description


Purple copper platoon Corrosion resistance, high electrical conductivity can be further made appliances. Solar reflective film building exterior interior decoration: ceiling, wall, etc. Furniture cabinet elevator decoration signs, nameplates, bag production. Home appliances: refrigerator, microwave oven, audio equipment, etc. Consumer electronics: mobile phone, digital camera, MP3, U disk, etc.


ltem Copper Busbar
Standard ASTM, AISI, JIS, ISO, EN, BS, GB, etc
Materials T2 Tu1 Tu2 Tp1 Tp2 Cu-RIP Cu-OF Cu-DLP Cu-DHP C11000 C10200 C10300 C12000 C12200 C101 C110 C103 C106 R-Cu57 OF-Cu SW-Cu SF-Cu
Size Breadth:10mm~600mm Thickness:0.2mm~120mm Length:6m,5.8m,12m or as required
Surface Polish, polish, gloss, hairline, brush, grid Or as needed

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